Frequently Asked Questions


The purpose of this website?

I collect branded beer glasses (including Lager, Ale, IPA, Weissbier, Stout, Cider..). The scope is quite broad and I do also have some branded whiskey, wine glasses also in my collection. I am only interested in branded glasses. As I pick up new glasses I will update this website. I also have a latest section you can folow which will list the last 10 glasses added to the collection.

How do you aquire beer glasses?

I don't like stealing glasses, and it is not something I do. I get my glasses mainly from job lots sold on local classified websites, charity shops and sometimes during a brewery tour. I have quite a few brwery tours under my belt.

Many glasses I have aquired the bar staff let me keep the glass when asked. Most are sound about it, some will even throw you a clean glass and thank you for not whipping them! Heres a tip, hospitality venues tend to like trip adviser reviews, it might be worth mentioning it (not that I condone bribary of course!). Some venues have a staff tip jar. It is fairly easy to take a glass home, and not have to steal it.

How many glasses do you have in your collection?

It changes but take a look at the bottom of the glasses page, that total glasses number is fairly accurate!

Are any of the glasses on your site for sale?

Probably not, I do have some spare glasses so if your looking for a particular one no harm contacting me.

Are you interested in buying/swapping glasses?

Yes, I'd love to hear from you. Please contact me via email, you can also get in touch via Twitter or Facebook profiles.