Spare glasses

Welcome to the my spare glasses page. If you are interested in trading for any of these glasses please click the button next to the glass, or you can contact me directly at I look forward to hearing from you.

Make sure to check back regularly as this page will be kept updated frequently.


  • Do you sell glasses?
    I prefer to swap glasses with other collectors instead of selling them.
  • Where are you based?
    Republic of Ireland.
  • Will you ship worldwide?
    I can, but outside of UK and EU countries can be very expensive (rates based on An Post Rates up to 2KG parcel).
  • Are any glasses not on this list for sale?
    Unlikely, but feel free to reach out to me here and I'll get back to you to confirm.
Catalogue ID Country Title Remark Quantity available
O Broth3r Brewing pint glass 216 Ireland O Broth3r Brewing pint glass (O Broth3r Brewing)

M21, mint condition, no marks blemishes

4 Request glass
Carlsberg Twist Pint Glass 2015 181 Denmark Carlsberg Twist Pint Glass 2015 (Carlsberg)

Used glasses, various manufacturing dates. Good condition. Some cases golden crown of logo slightly worn. Photos can be provided.

2 Request glass
Budweiser Ice Cold 98 U.S.A Budweiser Ice Cold (Budweiser)

M10, very good condition

4 Request glass
Smithwick's 2022 pint glass 67 Ireland Smithwick's 2022 pint glass (Smithwick's)

Mint condition, various manufacture dates

4 Request glass
Guinness 2022 tulip pint glass 172 Ireland Guinness 2022 tulip pint glass (Guinness)

Various manufacture dates, mint condition glass

4 Request glass
Hop House 13 Barrel glass 109 Ireland Hop House 13 Barrel glass (Hop House 13)

Mint condition, M22

4 Request glass
Tuborg Conical version 1 73 Denmark Tuborg Conical version 1 (Tuborg)

mint glasses, M22

5 Request glass
Heineken 2019 Clear Star 103 Holland/Netherlands Heineken 2019 Clear Star (Heineken)

Good condition, 'M logo' and manufacturer print unclear (manufacturing issue)

1 Request glass
Guinness 0.0 100 Ireland Guinness 0.0 (Guinness)

Mint glasses, M20 stamped

3 Request glass
Hoegaarden Pint Tumbler 171 Belgium Hoegaarden Pint Tumbler (Hoegaarden)

M13, excellent condition

1 Request glass
Heineken Tulip 68 Holland/Netherlands Heineken Tulip (Heineken)

Very good condition, manufactured 2005

2 Request glass
Heineken Tankard 102 Holland/Netherlands Heineken Tankard (Heineken)

Nice heavy glass, early 1990s.

3 Request glass

Total spare: 18